Your Attitude Makes a Difference! (How to improve)

According to BusinessDictionary, Attitude is a predisposition or a tendency to respond positively or negatively towards a certain idea, object, person, or situation. Attitude influences an individual’s choice of action, and responses to challenges, incentives, and rewards (together called stimuli). Your Attitude Makes a Difference!!!


Four major components of attitude are:

(1) Affective: emotions or feelings.

(2) Cognitive: belief or opinions held consciously.

(3) Conative: inclination for action.

(4) Evaluative: positive or negative response to stimuli.

Which of the following do you think has the biggest effect on your happiness?

  • ·         your circumstances
  • ·         your genes
  • ·         your attitude

SOME would choose “circumstances,” perhaps saying, “I would be happy.

  • ·         “if only I had more money”
  • ·         “if only I had a great marriage”
  • ·         “if only I had better health”
  • ·         “If only, if only…”

In reality, though, an attitude often trumps circumstances and genes when it comes to happiness. And that is good news. Why? Because unlike your circumstances or your genes—over which you have little or no control—you can control your attitude.


“Good Attitude; Good Medicine”

A joyful heart is a good medicine, but a crushed spirit saps one’s strength. In other words, your attitude makes a difference! It can affect whether you attain a goal or give up or whether a tragic event brings out the best in you or the worst.

Some people might be sceptical of that idea. They might reason:

  • ·         ‘Why hide my hardships behind a mask of optimism?’
  • ·         ‘No amount of positive thinking will change my situation.’
  • ·         ‘I would rather be a realist than a dreamer.’

Those thoughts might seem valid. Still, there are benefits to adopting a positive outlook.

Our attitudes can make differences in our lives.

“Our descriptions are in our attitudes and not in our names; our names are signboards of our attitudes”

-Rufus E. Clinton




 1. Avoid Pessimism

Avoid having this general belief that bad things will happen. Pessimism will sap you of the strength you need to improve your situation or to help you deal with it. If you become discouraged in the day of distress, your strength will be meagre.


2. Focus On the Positive

All the days of the afflicted one are bad, but the one with a cheerful heart has a continual feast.

If you see everything negatively, you will feel “afflicted” and every day will appear “bad,” or gloomy. But if you focus on positive things, you will have “a cheerful heart” and even feel joyful. The choice is yours. Be POSITIVE!


 3. Do Things for Others

“Blessed is the one that gives, than the one that receives” – Lucky Dube

There is more happiness in giving than there is in receiving.

Unselfish giving brings deep satisfaction to the giver. Why? Because we were created to do more than simply look after our own needs. Experiencing the joy of giving can do much to help us cope with negative circumstances in life.


What I Suggest You Should Do:

Look for opportunities to be self-sacrificing. For example, can you prepare a meal for a sick neighbour? Do you know elderly ones who need help with tasks around the home?


Care for your attitude in the same way you would cultivate a garden. Root out the poisonous weeds of pessimism and negativity. Sow seeds of realistic optimism, and fertilize your life with actions that produce positive emotions. You will reap an emotional crop that will make your life much more rewarding. And it will confirm the fact that attitude makes a difference!

For the sake of their health, some people learn to say no to certain foods; you can do the same with negative attitudes.


A stone is broken by the last stroke of Hammer. This doesn’t mean that the first stroke is useless. Success is the result of continuous efforts. Keep working on your attitude subconsciously and consciously. It is a slow and steady process.

Your Attitude Makes a Difference!!! What Do You Suggest, What Do You Think?

What bothers you? Comment below, Let’s ponder on it together!

Ref: BusinessDictionary,, Bible

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