We don’t need PDP’s vote to make Lawan Senate President – APC

The ruling All Progressives Congress party (APC) has hinted the only the party’s consent is needed in choosing the candidate to be Senate President in the coming 9th Assembly.

Speaking to the press in Abuja, the APC party through it’s National Publicity Secretary, Mr. Lanre Isa-Onilu disclosed that the APC will respect the zoning formula for the other elevevated seats, but the choice of Senate president will theirs and theirs alone to make.

We don't need PDP's vote to make Lawan Senate President - APC
Mr. Lanre Isa Onilu

“We have decided who will be the next Senate President according to what democratic principles allow and that person is Senator Ahmed Lawan.

“That has been done and announced, it is left for the party to cross the‘t’s and dot the ‘i’s to get that sorted out.

Mr. Onilu stated that they cannot share power with the People’s Democratic Party, PDP when Nigerians have rejected them.

“My emphasis is on the fact that we are not going to share powers, including what the PDP people call juicy committees and we call strategic committees, with people that Nigerians have rejected. They are exclusive for the APC.

“We don’t need them to head any committee where they are going to compromise the promises we have made to Nigerians.”

“Nigerians cannot give us a mandate and we will go and give part of it to those they have rejected. We cannot betray the people of this country and we will never do it. The zoning arrangement for all the other positions is in the works.
“Just as the media and Nigerians have been informed about who our preferred candidate for the Senate Presidency is, we will come out to tell you what the zoning formula will be for the remaining positions in the Senate and also in the House of Representatives very shortly.” he said.

Mr. Onilu said that the APC has decided to go beyond the zoning system to choose qualified candidates for positions in the Senate. He said that the party conducted a nationwide consultation wig its leaders before reaching the decision, citing that the presidential system of government in Nigeria permitted the winner to take all.

He stated that the “winner take all” clause is the reason they will not allow the People’s Democratic Party (PDP) to produce any leader in the National Assembly.
“It is democracy. I have listened to the PDP and in their usual style, they exhibited gross ignorance. What we practise in Nigeria is called presidential system of government. In this type of government, it is winners take all. Once you win, you take whatever you want. There is no room for power sharing.
“We don’t need it because we don’t need them (the PDP) to run this government. We have enough number to run this government. In any case, when we were campaigning, we never told Nigerians that we were going to share power with any other party.

“What we told them was that they should entrust power to us. As it is clear that we have made good use of power in the last four years, we are going to make better use of it in the next four years.

“Nigerians accepted this. It will be a betrayal of that trust to go ahead and start sharing power with a party, particularly the PDP, that has been rejected by Nigerians.

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