Simple steps on how to recover your deleted Facebook chats

It can be painful sometimes when you inadvertently delete your chats on social media as it is always difficult to get them back, but don’t worry, this article will show you how to recover your deleted facebook messages and chats.

Simple steps on how to recover your deleted Facebook chats

It is true that in some situations you can actually ask the other person to send back the chats. But what if it is a chat you want to use as evidence against the person or you don’t want the person to know you’re deleting their chats?

In any situation, I’ll teach you how to recover your deleted facebook messages and chats.

First, Check For Mistakenly Archived Chats: It is not uncommon for you to mistakenly archive a whole chat especially when you are using the mobile application for Facebook messenger.

In order to confirm that your messages are not archived but rather permanently deleted, kindly follow the steps below:

i. Open your facebook messenger on either mobile device or PC.

ii. In the search bar on top of the messenger interface, enter the name of the person you had the chat with.

iii. If the name appears in the search results, then it means you possibly archived the chat and that you didn’t delete it altogether.

iv. To restore the chat, Click on the chat and select ‘Unarchive’

v. The message should be restored to the primary chats list.

If that is not your case and the option didn’t provide the result you needed, then follow the 8 Simple steps to recover your deleted Facebook chats and messages below:

1. Visit your Facebook account on a desktop or laptop computer and go to settings.

2. Select ‘General Account Settings’.

3. Select ‘Your Facebook Information’ from the list of items on the left panel.

4. Select ‘Download your information’ from the list on the right panel.

5. Uncheck all other file types listed there and select ‘Messages’ only.

6. Click on ‘Create file’. It will take a while for the files to be made available depending on the volume of messages you have.

7. When the file is ready, you’ll receive a notification and then you can download it. You may be required to enter your password in order to download the file.

8. Once you download the file, you can open it in your browser to have full access to all your messages including the ones that were deleted.

Congratulations, but you need to understand however that it is important for you to access your facebook profile from a previously known IP Address or Device in order for you to successfully recover your messages using the steps listed above.


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