Put a cup of rice in your wardrobe and THIS is what happens!

This is why you should put a cup of rice in your wardrobe.

We love using rice in the kitchen when we’re making a nasi or a delicious curry. There are plenty of handy hacks outside of the kitchen involving rice as well, like drying your phone in rice after you’ve dropped it in water. In short; most people will have a bag of rice in their kitchen. Today, we’ve got another rice hack for you that’s all about your wardrobe! 


If you’re familiar with the trick of putting your smartphone in a bag of rice to save it from water damage, you’ll probably know this works because dry rice absorbs moisture. This is useful information because sometimes wardrobes can have trouble with moisture as well. Perhaps your home is simply a little damp, or you’ve put washed clothes back in the wardrobe even though they weren’t entirely dry yet. This moisture will cause your clothes to smell a little musty and of course you also just don’t want moisture and mould in your wardrobe!

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Air freshener

Because rice absorbs the moisture from a room, it simultaneously works as an air freshener as well. By adding a few drops of essential oil to the rice, your wardrobe will start to smell lovely! There’s no need to buy expensive air fresheners or scented sachets; you can make this yourself very easily. And this way, you can also pick and choose what you like and find the perfect scent for you.

This is how you make it:


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All you need is one cup of rice (white rice works best), some essential oil, a bowl to put it in, a piece of cloth and an elastic band. Mix the rice with 15 to 20 drops of oil in the bowl. Take a piece of breathable fabric (like a piece of an old T-shirt) and cover the bowl with it. Then, use an elastic band to fasten the cloth. Place the bowl of rice somewhere in your wardrobe where no kids or pets can get at it. You’ll need to replace the air freshener after a couple of months. If you used brown rice instead of white rice, you’ll need to replace it sooner, because brown rice spoils more quickly than it’s white counterpart.

You can use rice for a great many things! Do you want to know how to use rice to fix your phone after it’s become wet? Or are you curious how rice can turn a brown banana back to its yellow colour again?



Rice isn’t just amazing as an air freshener, it can also save your phone from a sailor’s death. If you’ve dropped your phone in the toilet or in the sink this trick can save it. Dry rice absorbs the water from your phone. It’s important to put your phone into a bowl or bag of rice for at least 48 hours. Also, make sure you take out the battery and the SIM card. You can leave these to dry on an absorbing cloth. Never use a blow dryer to dry your phone. The warm air is bad for the device and you’ll only blow the moisture into other parts of the phone. This will only damage it more!



Bananas seem to go brown in the blink of an eye and while they’re usually still fine to eat, they don’t really look very tasty. Most people throw away brown bananas right away, but there’s no need for that! With this trick, you can turn a brown banana back to its yellow colour. Put some rice in a ziplock back and add the banana to it. Close the bag and make sure the banana is more or less covered by the rice. Leave the banana in the bag for about an hour. After an hour, take out your blow dryer. Take the banana out of the bag of rice and then blow it with the blow dryer. Watch the magic happen as the banana turns yellow again!


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