Our Core Values

Our Core Values

Excellence: we endeavour to remain true.

Transparency: we make everything clear and open for everyone with evidence.

Integrity: elite media does not plagiarize its information.

Speed: as a team, we work together to be very fast in sourcing data, processing them and giving out the information on time (the right time)

Accuracy: upon our speed, we strive to give our readers, audiences, and viewers the true information in time. We achieve this by:

  • ·        Guarding against carelessness and omission of important information.
  • ·        Continuously seeking and reporting the truth.
  • ·        Reporting information we have found to be false
  • ·        Checking and cross-checking our facts
  • ·        Promptly and appropriately correcting errors upon discovery
  • ·        Ensuring that our sources are reliable and that our information is based on facts rather than rumours.
  • ·        Elite Media does not simulate information in order to increase our audience.
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