Nigerian Arrested For illegal sales of Codeine Syrup

Nigerian Arrested For illegal sales of Codeine Syrup

Mr Madubuike Chukwunonye, a former Nigerian Pharmaceutical’s executive has been arrested for illegal sale of an addictive drug known as Codeine Syrup.

He is said to have been on the run since May after he was exposed by an under covered BBC reporter.

The Lagos State Commissioner of police, Imohimi Edgal, said he was arrested in the border town of Idiroko in Ogun State, were he was on the move to Cotonou in Benin. He said Mr Madubuike who was a business development executive with Emzor had been reported in May on suspicion of having consciously supplied the controlled drugs to persons who were not supposed to have access to them in relation to the Nigerian Law.

Mr Madubuike in a statement said, “I was only trying to meet up with my sales target.”- regretting his actions.

Codeine is a painkiller, which is highly addictive if taken in excess, it can lead to organ failure or cause Schizophrenia.

Since the release of the documentary, over 2.4 million Codeine syrups bottles have been recalled and a number of pharmacists and small-time dealers have been arrested.

This will serve as a warning to all those who engage in such unethical practice.


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