How To Tame Your Temper: Become A Better Person

How To Tame Your Temper: Become A Better Person

Sometimes few badly timed or ill-chosen words may be due to pride, viewpoint, upbringing, etc. can make us have a misunderstanding with someone. And we all know that nobody is perfect and nobody can say exactly the right thing all the time, so it can be easy to misinterpret what others say or to misconstrue their motives.

The causes of conflict are complex and varied, and not everyone is eager to respond to overtures of peace. Bible says in Romans 12:18 “If possible, as far as it depends on you, be peaceable with all me.”

Nevertheless, it is possible to enjoy a measure of peace and harmony.


  • Outbursts hurt your reputation
  • Your anger could cause people to avoid you
  • You can improve and below are ways you can improve:



Make A Goal: Instead of saying, “that is just the I am” strive to improve within a specified time period. During that period, keep a record of your progress.

Each time you lose your temper, write down the following:

  • What happened
  • How you reacted
  • A better way you could have reacted and why

Then, your goal is to react in the better way you could have reacted, next time. 


Think Before You Speak Or Act: Be swift to hear, slow to speak, slow (James 1:19).

When you are angered, do not say nor do the first thing that comes to your mind. Instead, wait and take a deep breath if necessary.

“keep your mouth and tongue in order to keep your soul from troubles”, says the Bible in Proverbs 21:23. When provoked, do not retaliate.

Expand Your View: Sometimes, you might become angry because you see only one aspect of the issue and most often, the part that affects you. Try to consider the other side of the same story.

If Anger Wells Up, If Necessary, Walk Away: “Before the quarrel breaks out, take your leave” Says the Bible in Proverbs 17:14. Instead of staying there stewing over the matter and letting anger build up more, just politely walk away and perhaps, do some exercises to release some energies and get relieved.

Learn To Let Go- Forgive Freely: “Be agitated but do not sin, have your say in your heart… and keep silent”- Psalm 4:11.

There is nothing wrong with feeling agitated.  The question is, what will happen next? When people provoke you, they gain power over you, so try to overlook the matter and be in control of your anger rather than letting your anger control you.

Be Willing To Forgive And Apologize…

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