Event Coverage And Promotion

Event Coverage And Promotion

Elite Event Coverage:

Ceremonies such as launchings, seminars/ workshops, weddings, birthdays, burials, Child dedications, coronations, Conferences trade shows, etc can be sources of wonderful ideas, and covering these events in a way that spreads some of those ideas around is common practice. Elite event coverage is one of the elite arms as it is a means through which we get information which is given out as “news”. It is one of our primary sources of Information.

Apart from being a means of information, event coverage is a great branch of the elite media businesses whereby we are contracted to cover events.

After the event coverage, we process the video, audio and written documents then give them to the customers.

As well, we publish them on our media platforms.


  • ·        We publish pre-events: We trend event for people to know about it even before the event date.
  • ·        We as well publish live events: Live events are being published (in written, audio or/ and video formats) as they are happening live.
  • ·        Also, publish post-events: We publish the documents recorded at the course of the events. At a 50% discount rate, if the event is covered by us.


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