Elite Media Int’l Magazine – Discover The World

Elite Media Int’l Magazine – Discover The World

Elite Media Int’l Magazine is a general and international magazine titled: “Discover The World.” It covers economics and business, government and politics, science and technology, education, environment and energy, food and shelter, law and order, religion and ethics, the arts, social issues, employment and work, transportation and more. It explores the world, helping its readers to discover it.

Further, it’s a platform created for the people’s voices to be heard all over the globe. Millions live in stoic quietude around the world. Elite Media International Magazine, due to its commitment to the ideals of freedom of speech and of information, fundamental human rights and fair journalistic reportage, gives people from all walks of life who are victims of the impunity of some agents of the state and other lawless people, whose anguish would otherwise go unnoticed, the opportunity to communicate to us with evidence(s) about happenings in their localities, and we verify and publish for all to know.

Thus, events around the world which may be heartening or disheartening are discovered.


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“Thanks for buying, and reading.” – Clinton Ebere Rufus (Founder, Elite Media Empire)

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