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We have incorporated user-submitted content into our everyday reporting making interactions with the readers as bilateral and mutual as possible. That is why we give people this unique chance to express their own views and be heard by the millions of readers who visit our site every day.

Here, you bring document(s) of any format either written texts, photos, audios, videos or anything at all, but must be original. And we review and publish it /them for you on our platforms free of charge.

This is what makes us a platform where writers and readers, speakers and listeners, characters and viewers meet.


All submitted opinion articles are carefully reviewed by Elite Media’s editorial team. After sending your article, kindly be patient as we may get back to you shortly! So, if your submission is not approved, we may let you know why so that you could be able to make the necessary changes and then resubmit it for publication.

We accept high-quality original articles with unique content.

Consider The Followings:

  • The article must be for free benefits for the people.
  • The article must have these qualities: Clarity, Conciseness, Completeness, Comprehensible, Comprehensiveness, Coherence, Concord, Correctness 
  • You must keep it short and simple.
  • Articles should not contain any foul language
  • Articles should not contain hate speech, sexist, or otherwise discriminatory materials
  • Articles should be libel and/or defamation free
  • Articles should refrain from promoting political bias at the expense of intelligent, reasoned discourse
  • You should make sure you include links to the original material when you cite other people’s statistical data, quotes, making a reference to or citing any external source
  • No linking to adult or illegal sites, or sites that will upload anything inappropriate onto people’s devices.

If you have something original to say? We would love to hear from you.

Contact us if you have any feedback, suggestions, complaints or compliments. 

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