Affiliate Programs: Make Money, Non-stop, See How

Affiliate Programs: Make Money, Non-stop, See How

Understand Affiliate Programs: Make Money, Ceaselessly In 7 Days. Build Your System And Watch The Money Flow In…

Affiliate programs are those which allow you to refer people to buy/patronize a product/service and on every product sold, you earn a commission, which could be between 30% to 75% of the value of product sold. Most people do not realize that they can rake in massive amount of cash promoting other peoples products and services even without having to build a website, or bother about all the regular hassles of a regular business, exposed below are 4 highly effective ways to kick-start your own personal affiliate earnings in less than 7 days and build an underground system that keeps the earning coming non-stop.

BUM MARKETING: Bum marketing is an old trick that has been around for quite sometime, bum marketing works on a simple principle, the idea involves giving something of value to people in form of information, then you work out a strategy to make those people buy your product, because the people who have read your information have come to trust and respect you by the quality of product you gave them, they end up buying from you and everybody walks home happy. The first step to make bum marketing work for you will be to get an affiliate product to promote, the next step will be how to use bum marketing to get the product in face of the potential buyer without spending (a Kobo), to do this all you need will be to write an article that is related to the product you are promoting, do not forget to include your affiliate link on the article before submitting.

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SEARCH FOR HIGH IN DEMAND PRODUCTS OUTSIDE HIGH DENSITY NICHES: The big mistake that a lot of people make is to join the crowd and try to sell a product which is already over marketed, in this situation competition is usually keen, so it is wiser if you are able to do a little extra work and find something which is needed but with less marketing competition.

USE ARTICLE MARKETING AS A WEAPON TO PROMOTE YOUR CAMPAIGNS: Here is one place where a lot of starting affiliate marketers miss it, because they spend a lot of money on advertising and promotional materials when they could have easily used article marketing to promote their chosen affiliate product and at the same time build credibility and a name upon which they can sell more affiliate products later. When you are done with your articles, it is time to begin to submit those articles online, here is some of the sites you can submit your articles to: Ezinearticles, Ideamarketers, Articledashboard, Submityourarticle, Easyarticles, Articlebin, Articleworld, Articlecity, Articlefinders, Articlewarehouse, Articlesource, etc.

BUILD A LIST: Your major target should not be to make a sale although it feels quite good when you make sales. You should aim also at building a list, a list is a collection of peoples contact details of which the name and e-mail are the most essential, with it you can reach out to them over and over again, you can build trust and sell to them quality products for a long period of time, it is absolutely important that you build a list, it helps you conserve your efforts and also makes more profits for you with less stress on the long run. Follow these 4 steps and you will absolutely create an avalanche of affiliate profits. Theres absolutely no doubt in my mind that if you apply these marketing strategies to your affiliate business you will surely build an affiliate empire that will keep you smiling to the bank non-stop.
Today, affiliate marketing programs is seen as one of the most important methods by online companies and merchants to market their products and services because implementing an affiliate program doesn’t cost much money and it helps generate a consistent stream of online profit.

On the other hand, the affiliates see affiliate marketing as a feasible and low cost method to make it online by promoting other people products using a website or without a website (using Google AdWords, PPC advertising program).

There are many affiliate programs on the Internet and not all of them are similar. The most basic affiliate programs fall into 3 categories:

  • Pay Per Performance
  • Pay Per click
  • Residual Income Affiliate Marketing Programs

Pay Per Performance

Pay per performance (PPP) affiliate programs are what most companies and online merchants likes to use. The companies only need to pay when an affiliate referral translates into an action. The action can be a purchase or a lead. The affiliates will spend their own money to promote the affiliated company’s products, this save a lot of money for the company. PPP affiliate programs can be further classified into 2 sub-categories:

Pay Per Sale (PPS) The title says it all. The company only pays the affiliate when a visitor referred by the affiliate make a purchase.

Pay Per Lead (PPL) PPL is a little different to PPS. PPL affiliate programs usually used by finance and insurance companies. In this type of affiliate marketing, the affiliate will be paid a fixed commission whenever a visitor referred by him/her to the merchant’s website requested a quote or filled up an online application form.

Pay Per Click (PPC) Affiliate Programs

PPC affiliate programs are most popular. You should have heard them a lot. PPC programs are probably the easiest way for web publishers to make money from their websites and blogs. The affiliate gets paid a certain amount ($0.05 to $0.50 usually) whenever a visitor click a banner or text ad displaying on the affiliate’s website. PPC typically used by contextual advertising companies like Google AdSense, Yahoo Publisher Networks and much more.

Residual Income Affiliate Marketing Programs
In this type of programs, the affiliate not only compensated for every customer referred to the merchant’s website, the affiliate is also paid whenever the referred customer returns to the site and buy another product.

The different types of affiliate marketing programs would deffinitely work differently for merchants and affiliates, and each would have their own advantages and drawbacks. To find out which types of programs work best for you, you’ll have to know which one of them suit your need and characteristic most. And then start testing them.
Some of the very good affiliate sites you can join right way for free and kick-start your own affiliate empire is Clickbank, Amazon, E-junkkie, Paydotcom, Commission Junction and Affiliatejuncture

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