Actress Etinosa comments after stripping naked for MC Galaxy

Etinosa comments after stripping naked for MC Galaxy

Popular Nigerian Actress and Social Media celebrity, Etinosa Idemudia has reacted after her live naked video on MC Galaxy’s Instagram incurred many insults and criticisms for the “Sekem” singer.

The actress reportedly stripped naked in a live video on MC Galaxy’s Instagram video for an alleged price of #50,000. This got fans and social media users talking as many directed insults and harsh criticisms at the singer, MC Galaxy.

Reacting to the criticisms, MC Galaxy had denied asking Etinosa to strip or offering her any price. The singer was quoted by Saturday Beats as saying;

“I do a live video call with my fans every Friday between 10 and 11 pm sometimes; it is an avenue to show what they can do. All they do is call in and some of them rap, sing, and dance. I didn’t put a price tag on anything the first time I did it till someone impressed me with her dance and after the whole thing, I said I would give her N20, 000.

“On this day, different people called in, some were dancing and singing; so I was out to see who was going to be the baddest that night (sic). I didn’t even mention any amount at all. One lady called in and rapped and I told her she might be the winner for the night but didn’t mention any price tag. They knew I was definitely going to give them money.

“The next thing I saw was a girl who called in naked. I was shocked and scared so I dropped the call. My fans started telling me through the comment section that they wanted her and that I should pick her call. So she called back and I picked her call and she started dancing. I read comments out on my live show regularly, so my fans were the ones saying I should tell her to show her backside…..Click To Read Full Statement.

However, actress Etinosa has defended her actions and MC Galaxy as she called the critics hypocrites.

“I’m expressive with my body, hypocrites goodnight,” She commented on Mc Galaxy’s Instagram feed.

Etinosa comments after stripping naked for MC Galaxy
Etinosa comments after stripping naked for MC Galaxy

Some other people while defending Mc Galaxy have disclosed that Actress Etinosa’s action was premeditated and not under the influence of alcohol as some critics claim.

They posted a screenshot of a comment she made on Mc Galaxy’s Instagram post days before the stripping incident.

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