Below are 26 tips which will help you in your finance and in the capital market.

  1.  A: Ascertain your financial state. Access the financial state how much do you make from your investment. Acknowledge your mistakes in playing the market.
  2. B: Believe you can make it big in the stocks market, believe you can make 100% returns and more, believe you can become wealthy by trading and be holding stocks in the capital market and believe that you can still pay all your debt and make money.
  3. C: Cut away all unnecessary expenses in your finance and transfer to an investment like your stocks and shares. Confess your lack of knowledge on some stocks to an expert that can help you. Confess your financial diabetes to financial doctors.
  4. D: Desire and determine to make it big in the capital market. Remember, he that desire does not retire to acquire his desire. Discipline yourself to make money no matter what! Defend your finance by protecting against Parkinson’s Law which states expenses rise with income. The more you are able to fight and work against that law the richer you become in life. By force disobey Parkinson law because disobedience is the beginning of wealth accumulation.
  5. E: Expand your knowledge of finance and capital market consciously because the knowledge of how to be successful is more than the success itself.
  6. F: Fight debt and all its family members in your finance. Fix all loopholes in your investment portfolio and find better alternatives which will better your investment. This can only be done by going for continual financial educational development.
  7. G: Go for gold.
  8. H: Hire an expert where necessary. If there is a personal financial doctor or an investment analyst you can pay to analyze some few investment and stocks for you it will be better than just depending on heresy.
  9. I: Invest in assets, not liabilities. By this, I mean that an asset is anything that brings you money while liability is anything that takes money away from you and even asks for more.
  10. J: Join by force at least one investment club that you know will move you forward financially. In an investment club, you will be taught about your finances and investment in capital market.
  11. K: Keep a record of all your money you make and the one that flows out of your hand. Keep a standard record of all your investment in stocks make sure you get share certificate, dividend warrant, and all necessary documents.
  12. L: Learn from experts. The word KNOWLEDGE consist of two words KNOW-L-EDGE. Everything you know will always give you an edge over others. Pay any amount to learn what you need to succeed. Knowledge of how to succeed is more important than success itself. List your financial plans, other legal sources of income which you can make money from which will boost your income and the stocks you will buy at least 50 and trim it to 5 as your ability can carry you.
  13. M: Make up your mind to make it. If it takes determination to succeed then be ready to determine that determination. Make money while you still have energy, in your earning period, for your resting period comes when no man can make money. Do you know that our lives are divided into 3 stages? Learning period (age 0 to 25), earning period (age 25 to 50 or 60), resting period (age 65 till death separate you from the earth).
  14. N: No to all friends that will not move you forward financially. No to all “office, I owe you” “no to buying all liabilities of what you don’t need and pay little by little”.
  15. O: Obey the law of wealth accumulation by saving 10% of all your income. Saving is the first step in the temple of wealth. What you save will save you and what you keep will keep you. Save in form of investment in stocks and shares.
  16. P: Purchase all useful financial / success books and magazines.
  17. Q: Question the importance of every expense.
  18. R: Run your finance. Be the CEO of your investment.
  19. S: Sell all the assets you don’t need but, you bought them because, you just want them and for about two years you have not touch it, in fact, it is still in the rapper you bought it with.
  20. T: Time your inflow of money and portfolios investment. Divide everything into quarters. Time how much money you must make; in the 1st quarter, 2nd quarter and so on like a goal-setting. Make use of quarter result to make your investment decisions in stocks.
  21. U: Use all available resources to reach your goal, that is, there should be no waste of resources.
  22. V: Verify before investing your hard earned money.
  23. W: Wealth accumulation principles you apply in your finance, will make you a principal. Use them.
  24. X: X-ray all your plans before the almighty God as you approach the New Year so that he can help you.
  25. Y: Yield to what God lay upon your mind after praying to him.
  26. Z: Zip up all your plans in a book. Research shows that only 3% of adults have their plans written down, plans written down and checked up every morning before you go to work will easily be accomplished compared to the one you have in your brain.

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